Miles Kubheka

Miles Kubheka

Miles Kubheka is an entrepreneur and founder of Wakanda Food Accelerator. A visionary, Miles is passionate about ensuring access to food and empowering others to be successful.

Founder / CEO
Vuyo's Restaurant / Wakanda

About this Speaker

Visionary. Leader. Trailblazer. Miles Kubheka, is a game-changing entrepreneur who empowers others to find success with his Wakanda Food Accelerator. Miles Kubheka, the entrepreneur, refreshing keynote speaker and author, is the poster child for the audacity of hope. Having once been employed by a leading multinational, he went out on a limb and ingeniously created a restaurant with the same name and branding as a fictional restaurant portrayed in a famous Vuyo 'beeg beeg dreamer' TV ad campaign. In doing so, he catapulted into media stardom, and soon translated his innovative thinking into entrepreneurial success. He went on to found a food Accelerator called Wakanda.

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